About the book

Sustainable Solutions: Problem Solving for Current and Future Generations (Oxford University Press) by Richard A. Niesenbaum PhD

The objective of this book is to offer a solutions-based approach to sustainability. This is achieved by first providing the necessary content to understand our linked environmental, economic and social problems. It then, however, moves beyond the usual doom-and-gloom scenarios that pervade most books on the subject by showing that sustainability can be achieved through specific solutions that use policy, science and technology, and business and economic approaches. These different approaches are integrated in every chapter. Each chapter also includes boxed case studies that feature successful examples of sustainable problem solving through policy, individual action, innovation and entrepreneurship, and unique collaborations among stakeholders and collaborators. The focus audience for this book is students, professionals, and others from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds that that have had some exposure to sustainability who are now ready to access this content within an analytical and solutions-based context.

The field of sustainability is interdisciplinary and draws from a number of base disciplines including the sciences & engineering, business, political science, sociology, and humanities. This book is accessible and useful to this broad audience, and will offer the next generation of sustainability professionals a broad, interdisciplinary knowledge base that they can connect to their specific disciplines.

A wonderful combination of history, policy, science and – perhaps most important in these troubling times – a message of hope. Readers will come away not only with optimism for the future but with recipes and a roadmap describing how to both make and reach a better tomorrow.
– Mark J. Plotkin, Amazon Conservation Team

This book would make an excellent text for a variety of courses in environmental studies, environmental science, sustainability studies, social entrepreneurship, sustainability in business, sustainable design, biology, conservation biology. and much more. If you are a professor considering adopting the book for you course, click here to request an examination copy or here to locate your Oxford University Press Sales Representative.

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